As in any state there are variations for different roles. This is a summary; more details can be found at https://www.maine.gov/doe/cert

  • Information for out-of-state applicants and a description of pathways can be found here: https://www.maine.gov/doe/cert/initial
  • Please note that during the state of emergency (COVID-19), some certification rules have additional flexibility to help address shortage areas.

In Maine, all school employees need to have completed a CHRC (Criminal History Record Check, which includes fingerprinting). 

For some roles (e.g., custodian, secretary), the CHRC is the only state-level credential that needs to be satisfied before hire. 


Maine authorizes paraprofessionals as either Educational Technician I, II, or III. 

For Career and Technical Education, Ed Tech authorization may be provided with documentation of 2+ years of paid applied employment within the field of assignment.


Maine certifies teachers, specialists, and administrators. Once you’ve earned one certificate, you can expand into additional endorsements. 

Most Maine school districts provide tuition benefits for employees to continue their education. It can be very cost-effective to get your foot in the door with a district, and learn while you earn to achieve additional credentials and employment opportunities! 


If you need coursework or programming to help you achieve your goals, our post-secondary partners are well-positioned to help: